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Current Grad Student Opportunities

Project: Experimental investigation of frazil and anchor ice

Position: Master of Science Student in Water Resources Engineering

Start Date: September 2024

I am currently looking to welcome a new graduate student to the Master of Science in Water Resources Engineering program and the University of Alberta. The student will join a collaborative research group focused on studying river ice processes, and will study under the supervision of myself and my colleague Dr. Mark Loewen.

We have a specially designed frazil ice production tank located in the Civil Engineering Cold Room Laboratory at the U of A. The water in the tank is continuously mixed while the water cools, and produces a large amount of suspended frazil ice crystals when the water temperature falls slightly below 0°C. This tank has been used for numerous studies of frazil and anchor ice over the past 10+ years and we are looking to conduct further investigations into frazil and anchor ice formation processes. This will involve conducting a series of laboratory experiments in a truly unique environment!

Please see the document below for more detail.

March 2024 - MSc Student - Frazil and Anchor Ice.pdf